Dress Your Body Shape

Confused by all the browsing through the internet for your body type? Don’t know what to wear for a function that’ll suit your body!? Well well, you have reach the correct place where you will find exactly what to wear according to your body shape!!

In here, you won’t have to go through a struggle where you have to find out your body type according to their names! Yay!! We’re here to give you a complete look on this concept.

All of us know how we look, coz we look at ourselves for half an hour everyday standing in front of the mirror, don’t we? So that’s the key here. We give you some features and spend five more minutes in front of the mirror and there it is your body shape and ‘what to wear according to your unique body shape.’ J


If your friends call you the skinny one out of the group, then:

  1. Try wearing off-shoulders for a change, this will make your shoulders look a little wider and thus leaving you look fabulous as ever.
  2. Straight cut jeans with an off-shoulder would leave you looking out of the world.
  3. Try wearing sweatshirts with your favorite matching/contrast leggings, this looks classy in a very obvious way. This combination suits this type of body more than the first type.
  4. If you’re into knee length dresses, make sure it’s not above your knee and it’s not sticking to your skin.
  5. Try avoiding anything that sticks to your skin, it’ll do nothing but make you look more bulky.
  6. Wear shoes instead of heels, that’ll make you look more comfortable.f you’re not comfortable with an off-shoulder top or dress, try wearing something that has a puffy sleeve, this will do the same as an off-shoulder illusion trick.untitled


If you are referred as the official ‘moti’ of the group, then let’s give you something that you can flaunt with style.2


Most of our population falls in this category. And if you fall in this category, you’re the luckiest type. You could probably rock everything that you wear. Yay!! But here are some tricks that you could use.

  1. If you think you have a wider butt, wear dresses with flair in them, this will not reveal the real shape of your butt.2
  2. If you think your tummy is not in your dream size, wear balloon tops, this will give illusion to a slimmer tummy as its shape will me hidden.
  3. If you think you don’t have a slimmer waist, try wearing a belt in your waist, this will make your waist look slimmer.2
  4. If you think your thighs are not in your ideal shape but your calves look perfect, try wearing skirts to your knee or just above knee length. If you wear a skirt shorter than that, thighs might be revealed while sitting or bending                              .2
  5. If you feel your arms aren’t in your ideal shape, wear a little longer sleeves rather than wearing mini sleeves. For example, till your elbows is you’re comfortable, or sleeves that end exactly in between your shoulder and elbow.

That’s all for today folks. Have a great day. Don’t forget to love your body, it’s your identity, make it something that gives you happiness.

Morning Skin Care


A perfect morning skin care routine is all you need to feel fresh all day long, and having it in a budget makes your smile brighter. So, here are a few products that come off as my personal favorite and are hanging out in my cupboard for the longest time. <3


Start off with cleansing your face with the Neutrogena mild face wash, give you face some long term love by massaging this product into your skin in circles.Use a damp towel to clean the face wash off. Using another dry towel pat your face till dry.

Note that rubbing you face with the towel might kill your sin cells causing breakouts and stretchy skin!


For you body I would without any doubt suggest The Body Shop Shower Gel, any flavor works equally well but The British Rose is my personal favorite.Use a body sponge or a loofah to massage your skin in circles with utmost love!

Wash off the shower gel and pat your skin with a towel till it’s dry.


Step two would be using a toner for your face, though a lot of girls think that this step could be skipped, but using a vitamin E enriched toner evens up your skin as well as rejuvenates the skin cells and hydrates them.

I use The Body Shop Vitamin E toner which works out best.


Once you are done with toning your skin hydrating it stands next.I prefer the Nivea moisturizer range as it keeps your skin hydrated for the longest time and is also economical.

Use the moisturizer for your face and body and give it alight massage so that the product soaks in real deep.


Finish off your routine with a deep hydrating face creme. The Lakme perfect radiance light creme works best for me as it locks in the moisture and keeps my skin healthy and smiling all day long!

I hope this post helped you. looking forward for more posts for all you beautiful women out there. Love Love <3

Buzz! of the Shoulder Trend

Shoulder Fashion is the “New Cool”, and we all know it! They can be styled with various bottoms! Here are some styles that you can cheat! <3


Styling your off shoulder tops, with a really bright yet complementary camisole goes a long way!!It looks really classy and of course gorgeous.




Fastening up your hair in a half messy bun gives your look a very casual, off-day look.Make sure you secure your bun with a couple of pins underneath!!




Pairing up your off shoulder top with a really classy pair of ripped up jeans adds on to the more casual yet trendy eyed look!These jeans were got from “ONLY”!




Completing your look with  pair of ,”out of the world” shoes is important too! These shoes were got from Jabong India, which hands down gives a really edgy finishing to the poise!



Makeup : Matching your complete look with really nude makeup with just some primer and foundation on, and some almost invisible eyeliner with a bold lip color finishes the look with a sheek and classy edge!

Bottoms: Shorts!!