Morning Skin Care


A perfect morning skin care routine is all you need to feel fresh all day long, and having it in a budget makes your smile brighter. So, here are a few products that come off as my personal favorite and are hanging out in my cupboard for the longest time. <3


Start off with cleansing your face with the Neutrogena mild face wash, give you face some long term love by massaging this product into your skin in circles.Use a damp towel to clean the face wash off. Using another dry towel pat your face till dry.

Note that rubbing you face with the towel might kill your sin cells causing breakouts and stretchy skin!


For you body I would without any doubt suggest The Body Shop Shower Gel, any flavor works equally well but The British Rose is my personal favorite.Use a body sponge or a loofah to massage your skin in circles with utmost love!

Wash off the shower gel and pat your skin with a towel till it’s dry.


Step two would be using a toner for your face, though a lot of girls think that this step could be skipped, but using a vitamin E enriched toner evens up your skin as well as rejuvenates the skin cells and hydrates them.

I use The Body Shop Vitamin E toner which works out best.


Once you are done with toning your skin hydrating it stands next.I prefer the Nivea moisturizer range as it keeps your skin hydrated for the longest time and is also economical.

Use the moisturizer for your face and body and give it alight massage so that the product soaks in real deep.


Finish off your routine with a deep hydrating face creme. The Lakme perfect radiance light creme works best for me as it locks in the moisture and keeps my skin healthy and smiling all day long!

I hope this post helped you. looking forward for more posts for all you beautiful women out there. Love Love <3

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